How do I sign in to Bomeet?

Choose Sign in at the left side of the homepage. Enter your email address and password and click Sign in!


How do I sign in using Facebook, Google, Yahoo,MSN,QQ,VK,AOL,AIM?

On the Sign in page, click the Facebook, Google, Yahoo,MSN,QQ,VK,AOL or AIM link on the right side and enter your login details.


I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

Click the Forgot your password? link on the Sign in page, and follow the instructions on screen to reset your password.


What are my profile settings?

Profile settings let you adjust your language, privacy and photo and video settings. You can choose who can view your profile or contact you, comment on your photos or videos and more.


What are notification settings?

In your notification settings, you can choose which email and mobile notifications you'd like to receive from Bomeet.


What are notifications?

Email and mobile notifications are messages we send to your registered email address or mobile to tell you about new visitors, messages, comments, update and people who want to add you.


 Can I stop receiving notifications?

Of course. In your notification settings, you can turn off any notifications you don't want to receive (not including some standard company emails). You can turn them back on at any time.


 I didn't get a confirmation email after I registered. What do I do?

Check your email account’s spam folder in case our confirmation email ended up there by mistake. If you find the email in your spam folder, remember to mark it as ‘Not spam’. 

You can also sign in to Bomeet using Facebook, Google, Yahoo,MSN,QQ,VK,AOL,AIM.


What is Profile customization?

Profile customization allows you to customize your profile with a wide range of special backgrounds.


What is Invisible mode?

Invisible mode is a feature that lets you browse Bomeet without anyone knowing who you are.


 How do I change my password?

Go to Change password in Settings. Enter your current and new passwords and then retype your new password, then select Change password to confirm.


How do I change my email address?

Go to Change email address in Settings. Enter your new email address and current password, then select Send confirmation email. You must confirm your new email address by clicking the link in the email we send to that address.


How can I save my email and password so I don’t have to enter them each time?

Make sure the Remember me box is checked when you sign in to Bomeet. If your browser displays a message offering to remember your password, choose this option.

How you change your settings depends on your browser: 

Internet Explorer
1. Open the Tools menu
2. Click Internet options
3. Click Privacy
4. Uncheck ‘Never allow websites to track your physical location’. 

Google Chrome
1. Go to Settings
2. Click Show advanced settings
3. Under Privacy, click Content settings
4. In Location choose ‘Ask me when a site tries to track my physical location’ 

1. In the address bar, type about:config
2. On the next page, type geo.enabled in the search box
3. Double click on the ‘geo.enabled’ preference
4. It should now say ‘enabled’ 

1. Go to the Safari menu
2. Click Preferences
3. Click Privacy
4. Choose ‘Prompt for each website one time only’


How do I delete my profile?

If you really want to delete your Bomeet profile, sign in and visit Settings. Select Delete profile on the right side of the page and follow the instructions.



Who can I chat with?

You can chat with all of your Bomeet friends from the website. And you can even chat with people that aren't connected; they'll see your messages the next time they connect!



Photos and Videos Albums


Uploading Photos or Videos

Choose the photos or videos from the destination you want to upload.



How do I create an event?

To create an event, go to the Events section that can be found on the left side of dashboard , and you will see a button that says "Create an Event". You can add a title and description to your event, choose a date, time and place; invite your friend, there you go !


How do I edit an event?

You can edit any event information for events that you've created that are still upcoming, by clicking on the options button for the event and clicking Edit.



To send gifts, go to the gifts section that can be found on the left side of dashboard. You can send a Gift to someone or your friends. The gift appears on the user's gifts section, and we have a wide selection of gifts you can choose from. 

Invite friends

To invite friends, click the friends section that can be found on the left side of dashboard. You can invite friends by choose your email selection provided there and sign in your email or key in your friends email to start invite.





To send messages, go to the messages section that can be found on the left side of dashboard. You can send a messages to someone or your friends. The gift appears on the user's message section.


People Nearby

The People Nearby section shows you users in your area and other cities.


Recent visitor

The recent visitor section shows you recent users visit your profile.




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